Kitten in a Mitten (dreamplum) wrote,
Kitten in a Mitten

Hay L00k: it's a Star Wars party! EVERYONE is invited!

Friday night 7pm A New Hope & The Empire Strikes Back
accompanied by a burrito bar
Saturday night 7 pm Return of the Jedi & Spaceballs
accompanied by potato salad

Please come!

For those who are wondering why I've dropped off the universe - I got promoted. You have a week left to submit stories for the next Side by Side. I will also be updating my own website soon, but you've seen most of those K/S stories on this journal already. They've just been missing from cosmicduckling for months and months.

Sometimes I get scared I'll never live long enough to knit all of the yarn I own or the sweaters I want.

You should all go to Northwest Seafood and buy the fresh fish. It's very delicious.
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