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Hi! Is anyone still there? Sorry for the disappearing.

1. I married Hypatia. Yay! (If that confuses or surprises any of you, please just let it go :P)

2. Except for a few (still classic universe) stories written after the Reboot movie came out, so that I could remind myself that MY playground still existed (as much as any of these fantasy sandboxes can be said to exist), I haven't written any new K/S. Those of you wanting to read those new stories--they're linked in the memories section of this journal: farfallacaqui

3. I'm very much into Merry/Pippin right now. I think they are adorable. I'm on the third audio-cd of *Two Towers*, so I finally feel ready to Write My Own. Where do you think I should post it? Are there any suitable communities/websites that are still active? The entire fandom seems to have, in some ways, gone west with the elves, as it were :P

4. I have a full-time job now; website administration is not on my list of things I have energy for at the moment -_- COSMiC DUCKLiNG will always continue to have my stories, and AAK/SA's still around, though.
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