Kitten in a Mitten (dreamplum) wrote,
Kitten in a Mitten

I wrote a drabble where the Stephen Colbert character crushes on President Obama

xposted preamble:

Okay, so usually I don't write OR like RPS (ignoring certain conversations instrumental in the courtship that eventually became my marriage.) But fiction involving the fake Stephen Colbert--the character, the one he plays on his show, not the real person who is an actor and a comedian and a liberal--that's not really RPS, is it? At least, it's not to me. And there's a big enough distinction for me that reading Fake!Rightwing!Stephen slashed mutually with Jon Stewart (as opposed to a one-sided crush) does not gain any enjoyment. Unless Jon Stewart is also somehow a fake Jon Stewart, as one excellent fic managed to pull off. I will link to it later.

So what's a Fake!Stephen slash fan to do? Well, one idea was to write about his guilty sekrit crush on President Obama.

(I still can't believe the first piece of creative writing I complete since JUNE is this.)

Title: Ruination in a Ruined Nation
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Codes: PG, drabble
Beta-read by: The Mercury Redstone Rocket
Pairing: Character!Stephen/Obama, one-sided crush
Summary: Can you think of a guiltier crush? My God!

( He's ruining our beautiful country that once was so free and unspoiled by socialist ideas like school lunch. )
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