Kitten in a Mitten (dreamplum) wrote,
Kitten in a Mitten

update from the Planet of Real Life

In case anyone is still reading this journal:

1. I post fandom things to farfallacaqui these days, so if that's why you were here, you may want to friend that one.

2. My father died about a year ago. So did some other family members. It kept me from writing for a really long time. But:

3. Eventually, I learned to work with that sorrow instead of against it, and have just (as in, within the past hour) finished the first draft of a 36-thousand word novella. Original characters, original fantasy universe. Queer and feminist themes. I'm really excited about it because this is a gigantic first for me. Before this, I hadn't written original fiction since tenth grade, and I'm thirty now. And my fanfic was hardly ever even half that length.
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