Kitten in a Mitten (dreamplum) wrote,
Kitten in a Mitten

The square toes blues

I finished a moss-green cabled sock last night that would have been gorgeous except that instead of using the toe-shaping I'd calculated for those dark green socks I made last June, I used the toe-shaping from those pink Umbridgey socks I made for myself. It made sense in my head because the moss-green socks were the same pattern as the pink socks, only bigger, but since they were the same # of stitches as the dark green socks I really should have shaped them like THOSE instead of like the pink ones. Grrrrrr. So the toe is square.

My purpose in posting about this is that I am officially declaring that I am going to IGNORE it and knit the other sock, with the correct shaping, and then, with a completed happy sock in front of me, try and figure out how to take out the toe of the first sock (mind you, this is with ends woven in and everything) and frog back two inches. Then I'll re-knit it with the proper decreasing.

I may need help with this. I don't have a lifeline, for one thing. But I'm not going to deal with it for a month or so because not only do I need to knit the other sock first, I want to work on other things, too. (Like the orange sweater: see below.)

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