Kitten in a Mitten (dreamplum) wrote,
Kitten in a Mitten

Side by Side #23: Presenting nine new Kirk/Spock stories

Farfalla and Present:

Side by Side #23
a FREE online K/S e-zine!

Nine new stories all about Kirk and Spock's life and love, their adventures and introspective moments, their existential angst and passionate sex, with the usual measure of Klingon devilry and toadying ensigns.

Some stories are entirely new, just hatched from the egg of your fellow fans' brains, while some were previously printed in printzines and have been brought here to the internet for the first time.

Travel with them to such familiar settings as San Francisco, the planet Vulcan, the Enterprise itself, and of course, Altair VI.

We hope you enjoy the show! Feedback can be emailed to the authors or left on the SBS mailing list.

Also: ladykardasi is a bit dormant in fandom at the moment and has asked that if anyone wants to donate money towards the continuing life of the domain, please contact me *privately*. We can't use paypal directly because of paypal's rules, but ladykardasi and I worked something out with the slashcity host where donations can be paid to the host directly.

Please pass this message along to any yahoo groups or LJ communities you think would like to come and play.

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