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Who wants to read some opera slash?

I've got two new things that I wrote, to share with you, if you're out there. They're very different.

Put Me Next To Your Place In The Tomb is a PG-13, super-angsty and super-romantic afterlife story about Prince Carlos and his friend the revolutionary, Rodrigo the Marquis de Posa. Summary is "They swore an oath to be united in life and death. Apparently, that included purgatory. Whatever happens, they’ll make sure of one thing--nobody’s going to separate Prince Carlos and Rodrigo de Posa ever again, not even God." This is based on the Verdi opera Don Carlo (or to be more precise, the original French libretto Don Carlos, since it's slashier), which is a historically inaccurate tragedy about the separation of church and state.

Là-bas, on the other hand, is a NC-17 kinky and dub-con romp through two versions of Faust (Gounod's and Berlioz's), in which Méphistophèlés seduces/ravishes Faust after the end of the opera. OK, the official summary is: "Marguerite is carried off to Heaven, while Faust is left to the dubious care of his servant and master. This is based on both the Gounod and Berlioz Faust operas--it starts where the Gounod opera ends, but at the end I seem to have drifted into the Berlioz by directly quoting a translation of the most romantic line from Mephistopheles' aria "Voici des roses". WARNINGSAUCE because I would classify this as "dubious consent"."
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